Homemade Pre Workout

Whats poppin’ bros? Thanks for stopping by the site. On here I’ll be discussing all cool, no nonsense ways to make your very own homemade pre workout. I’ll be giving ingredients to make different pre workout shakes, and discussing the ingredients in terms of what and how much. We’ll also be discussing how to vary up the tastes – cause lets face it drinking this every day of your life is gonna get tiring.

homemade pre workout

Why Homemade Pre Workout?

Alright so I know you’re probably wondering why homemade pre workout might be the way to go. The answer? It’s all your pump baby. You’re gonna feel like mad scientist before you hit the gym everyday. You are essentially crafting your ideal pump that personally fits you, and wont make your heart explode. The best part about making your own pre workout is that YOU get to gauge how much, and what you put into your shaker cup. It’s also so much easier to get all of your supplements in at one time. It can get annoying remembering to shove your sups down your gob before the day ends. I LOVE regular pre workouts – don’t get me wrong they’re quick, easy, and they got everything you need right there. However I know some of you are like me, you take a scoop of that nuclear powder, and you feel crazier than Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wallstreet. The only difference is your chest hurts –  you’re tingly -and there’s no prostitutes to do blow off of.

Anyways! What I’m getting at here is certain people (myself included) are sometimes a little sensitive to what goes into normal pre workouts. So On this site were gonna be looking at all KINDS of ingredients…All kinds. We will determine what you should throw in, or ditch from your pre workout shake to make it the perfect homemade pre workout for you!

Before we jump in I just want to say, a good bunch of the products I list will be from Tigerfitness. They’re off the damn chain, and I have personally been using them to get all my supplements for years. They’ve got dope prices, and what’s cool is you can usually get a lot of the stuff you need in bundles. Check them out! Next I’ll be showing how to make a good tasting Homemade Pre Workout!




Making A Good Tasting Homemade Pre Workout!

How To Make A Good Tasting Homemade Pre Workout!

Alright homies so I wanted to get this out of the way first. Everything starts with a good tasting Homemade Pre Workout. Just so you know that what your going to drink everyday wont taste like Wd-40. Above all I recommend snagging yourself a good tasting BCAA. This will make a good flavor base and give you something to start off with. However, I know some of you homies do not use BCAA powder. Or if you are, you might be finding yourself getting a little tired of the taste. If so I got the answer to your prayers, you can either: A.) Get a different flavor/brand of BCAA (Different brands will have different flavors) to act as a new base, pretty simple I know. Or B.) Go all mad scientist with all of the different types of low calorie flavorings /sweeteners that the world has to offer. Both options are equally good to make a tight good tasting homemade pre workout shake.


To start off with flavorings, I’d be damned not to mention this real quick. Zero calorie Kool-aid flavor drops (I know right?). You just squirt some of this stuff in your shaker, and you’re set. I found these one day and my life was changed, they’re great tasting, and really hit the spot if you’re jonseing for something sweet. Also the same type of product from Crystal Light really is something to keep in stock. They’re quick, easy, and have some really good flavor options. Another option you can role with here – my gym bro swears by this and I gotta admit its not the worst idea. All those zero calorie Power aids, Vitamin waters, and Gatorades they’re perfect to just pour into all that powder. One final option is to add more powder, why of course! Gatorade has this down pretty tight, they have traditional Gatorade powder, as well as an endurance powder which is targeted to more hardcore athletes. Propel also has some single serving packets, if you have to cut your arm off from scooping so much. Next I’ll hook you up with the ingredients you will need for your Homemade pre workout!


Homemade Pre Workout Ingredients

Homemade Pre Workout Ingredients        

Alright homies lets get down to it with the Homemade Pre Workout ingredients

So were going to start from the ground up here, and what exactly you need. A damn shaker cup. Believe it or not they do have some fancy shaker cups these days with ALL KINDS of gadgets. After you snag yourself one of those you’ll be ready for the mountains of anabolic radioactive muscle powder you’ll be consuming.  Below I have a list of essential and non essential supplements to throw into your Homemade Pre Workout, so lets kick it off.

Homemade pre workout ingredients.


5g Creatine Monohydrate – I personally like to throw my creatine inside my homemade pre workout shake so it’s one less thing I gotta take later. If you don’t know what creatine is, it pretty much utilizes the water in your body in co-ordinance with your muscles. So creatine helps your muscles grow. (I know that’s not the coolest answer, sue me) I personally use Optimum Nutrition with that CREAAAPURREEE. Optimum creatine has never failed me and it dissolves really well.

3-5g Beta-Alanine – You know that tingly sensation that happens when you take regular pre workouts? That’s this stuff. To not get into all the science and shit, pretty much Beta-Alanine makes it so your body takes longer to get fatigued. So basically you get to train harder, and faster for longer! It’s a win – win. This is one of my favorite things to throw into your shake because the tingles really make you want to lift. Once again I recommend some Optimum Nutrition, you can get it in fruit punch or unflavored – depending on what overall flavor your going with. If you haven’t checked out my flavor page you can do here.  

Non – Essential

1 scoop Bio-Gro – If you haven’t heard of Bio-Gro it’s quite off the chain. It’s referred to as “Fertilizer for your muscles” it pretty much accelerates “protein synthesis” which is the process of building and the re-building of muscle tissue. I saw and felt that I was getting fuller muscles after about a month of using it everyday. I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a little extra coal for the gain train.

BCAA– Once again I’m gonna preach BCAA’s. If you don’t use them for a flavor base, they’re still great to have as a supplement.  If you don’t get a lot of meat in your diet then BCAA’s are a must. BCAA’s come in during the recovery phase of muscle building and are an essential amino acid in the building blocks of protein. BASICALLY they help you recover, and helps prevent the loss of your hard earned gains. In terms of homemade pre workout ingredients, they’re good to keep in mind.

Nitric Oxide- Alright so on my other page I talked more in depth about N.O boosters, but i love them so much I’m going to preach them again. Pretty much what the Nitric oxide booster is going to do is give you the sickest pump of your life. You will be in the gym getting your lift on, and your veins will look like they are about to burst out of your god damn arm. Whenever I use a good N.O  booster I wish the red cross was outside having a blood drive because they would have no problem finding any of the 80 bulging veins leaping from my arm. AND THE PUMP – guys the pump is unreal. You’re arm looks like it has swollen 2x the size after a couple of sets, and it makes you just want to lift so much more. I could go on and on, but I seriously recommend snagging you some of these. I recommend Con-Cret Pump Extreme or some MTS VASKY, both are incredible supplements and are perfect for your homemade pre workout cocktail. All of these homemade pre workout ingredients are off the chain, and with a little creativity you can have yourself one hell of a homemade pre workout shake. If you’re getting a little hungry from all this powder talk, check out my favorite Pre Workout Snack!

Pre workout snack!

pre workout snack!

Aiiiight, so now that you’ve made such a delightful little beverage. You might be like me, and want a little something somethin’ to crunch on. Before a workout I usually enjoy a pre workout snack. It generally depends on how my protein situation is that day, and if I need to choke some more down. If I haven’t already thrown some MTS GAINS into my shake (cookies and cream all the way, baby), I usually go for something solid. In this case I usually reach for a Quest Bar.

I discovered Quest bars one late night when I was at my computer googling up some good pre work out snack ideas. I was also trying to find protein bars that didn’t taste like sheet metal. This was a while ago when Quest first started popping up and I have to admit I was a little weary. Turns out they are off the damn chain, I was really surprised too because they have such unique flavors and they’re all realllllllllly good. I’m telling you man If you got a sweet tooth and don’t wanna mess up your diet GO for these.They’re pretty low carb and have 20 grams of brotein. They have flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Cookies and Cream, Apple Pie, Peanut butter & Jelly – and the list surprisingly actually goes way on. I seriously haven’t found a flavor that after three bars made me want to bench 500 no spot, and just let gravity decide my faith. They’re a great pre workout snack

Other than Quest, if you want to something a little more high carb I personally recommend MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bars. They have some pretty good flavors, and are really quite satisfying. I really enjoy protein bars as a pre workout food. They’re quick, simple, and the ones I listed taste actually really good. You run out of these damn things really quick, that’s the only down side. If you’re still jonesing for some regular pre workout I’ve got some of the my favorites on the next page!


Best traditional Pre workout Shake

Pre workout Shake

Aight, so although this whole site is dedicated to making your own pre workout shake, I do gotta say that some regular workouts are OK. I also understand some homies not wanting to be Gordon Ramsay cooking up a mad homemade pre workout shake, when they could be grabbing a pump. So below I’m going to go over some of the best traditional pre workout shake powders that I have used, and actually like.

Best Traditional Pre Workouts

To start off with I gotta throw some love to MTS Clash. I tried this stuff when it first came out and it was off the damn chain. When it first came there was only orange flavor, which was pretty good, but now they got ALL KINDS of flavors. My experience with this was pretty simple. I got it along with a nitric oxide booster (we’ll hop that train in a minute) and took a scoop and a half. This was not my greatest decision in life. My heart was beating really fast, and I couldn’t lift that night. THE NEXT NIGHT I decided to just try a half scoop, and oh my god the energy, focus, and pump I got was amazing. That’s been my go-to ever since. On tigerfitness.com they have something a little new which is MTS Clash and MTS Vasky bundle.  AND its awesome! Pretty much what Vasky is is it’s a Nitric oxide booster that improves blood flow and increases saturation within your muscles. It’s pretty much the icing on the cake that is your pump. I highly recommend snagging you some.

N.O Boosters

I go over nitric oxide boosters once more, on my ingredients page for homemade pre workout. However I’m going to get a little more in depth  on some of the ones I recommend. First I gotta talk about a little number called Con-Cret Pump Extreme, this is one of my faves that I keep on deck in my supp cabinet. It has no flavor, so you can just chuck it in with the rest of your powder. The pump I get with this is INSANE, It starts really kicking in after a couple of sets, and you feel like your arms are going to burst from all the blood searing into your muscles. It’s an amazing feeling. Also if you’re trying to snag a good pump on a budget I got something for you, It’s called N.O. Fury by Six Star. These come in a pill form that you can pop a little before you go slay some dragons. I will admit they’re not AS good as Vasky or Con-Cret Pump, but man if you’re on a budget they do the job. I always keep these in my closet for when I either run out or just cant squeeze any more supps into my budget for the month. They also have it in powder form, if you just can’t get enough powder. Up next I’ve got some awesome post workout nutrition! You’ve taken care of your muscles for before your workout, now it’s time to give them some spa time.


Post Workout Drink

post workout drink

So we’ve talked all about what’s poppin’ with pre workout, and how to make your own homemade pre workout. So now were going to get into something a little extra – Post workout drink! Yes, so after your workout you’re going to need some post workout recovery nutrition. This is usually where I introduce whey into the mix (If I haven’t thrown any into the Pre).


For my post workout drink I usually just do two scoops of MTS Whey – (cookies and cream of course). I really enjoy MTS whey and highly recommend it. It’s personally my favorite whey protein on the market. The best part is you can drink it with water, and it tastes amazing, with milk it’s even better. If you want to dice up your post workout drink a little bit, I recommend going with some no fat whipped cream, and some peanut butter. You can never go wrong with some no fat whipped cream, trust me. Also if you haven’t tried any Walden Farms products, they’re off the chain. They have a great line of zero calorie dressings, syrups, and sweeteners. I drizzle some of the chocolate syrup on my post workout drinks all of the time. Once again these are really good if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Mass Gainer

Alright so if I’m a little short on calories for the day I usually throw some MTS Epic Gains into my post workout shake. This stuff is really great, and you bet your ass I’m rolling cookies and cream. This mass gainer is really good and really great tasting, just like the whey. The best part about the taste is that it never gets old, that is with cookies and cream – of course. The taste never ever gets bland so its really easy to guzzle down every day. Another mass gainer I recommend is the Arnold Iron Mass. This stuff was what I used when I first started out, it’s pretty decent and it gets the job done. It doesn’t taste as great as MTS Epic Gains, but it’s definitely great if you’re ballin’ on a budget, and need some extra gain fuel.