Homemade Pre Workout

Whats poppin’ bros? Thanks for stopping by the site. On here I’ll be discussing all cool, no nonsense ways to make your very own homemade pre workout. I’ll be giving ingredients to make different pre workout shakes, and discussing the ingredients in terms of what and how much. We’ll also be discussing how to vary up the tastes – cause lets face it drinking this every day of your life is gonna get tiring.

homemade pre workout

Why Homemade Pre Workout?

Alright so I know you’re probably wondering why homemade pre workout might be the way to go. The answer? It’s all your pump baby. You’re gonna feel like mad scientist before you hit the gym everyday. You are essentially crafting your ideal pump that personally fits you, and wont make your heart explode. The best part about making your own pre workout is that YOU get to gauge how much, and what you put into your shaker cup. It’s also so much easier to get all of your supplements in at one time. It can get annoying remembering to shove your sups down your gob before the day ends. I LOVE regular pre workouts – don’t get me wrong they’re quick, easy, and they got everything you need right there. However I know some of you are like me, you take a scoop of that nuclear powder, and you feel crazier than Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wallstreet. The only difference is your chest hurts –  you’re tingly -and there’s no prostitutes to do blow off of.

Anyways! What I’m getting at here is certain people (myself included) are sometimes a little sensitive to what goes into normal pre workouts. So On this site were gonna be looking at all KINDS of ingredients…All kinds. We will determine what you should throw in, or ditch from your pre workout shake to make it the perfect homemade pre workout for you!

Before we jump in I just want to say, a good bunch of the products I list will be from Tigerfitness. They’re off the damn chain, and I have personally been using them to get all my supplements for years. They’ve got dope prices, and what’s cool is you can usually get a lot of the stuff you need in bundles. Check them out! Next I’ll be showing how to make a good tasting Homemade Pre Workout!




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