Best traditional Pre workout Shake

Pre workout Shake

Aight, so although this whole site is dedicated to making your own pre workout shake, I do gotta say that some regular workouts are OK. I also understand some homies not wanting to be Gordon Ramsay cooking up a mad homemade pre workout shake, when they could be grabbing a pump. So below I’m going to go over some of the best traditional pre workout shake powders that I have used, and actually like.

Best Traditional Pre Workouts

To start off with I gotta throw some love to MTS Clash. I tried this stuff when it first came out and it was off the damn chain. When it first came there was only orange flavor, which was pretty good, but now they got ALL KINDS of flavors. My experience with this was pretty simple. I got it along with a nitric oxide booster (we’ll hop that train in a minute) and took a scoop and a half. This was not my greatest decision in life. My heart was beating really fast, and I couldn’t lift that night. THE NEXT NIGHT I decided to just try a half scoop, and oh my god the energy, focus, and pump I got was amazing. That’s been my go-to ever since. On they have something a little new which is MTS Clash and MTS Vasky bundle.¬† AND its awesome! Pretty much what Vasky is is it’s a Nitric oxide booster that improves blood flow and increases saturation within your muscles. It’s pretty much the icing on the cake that is your pump. I highly recommend snagging you some.

N.O Boosters

I go over nitric oxide boosters once more, on my ingredients page for homemade pre workout. However I’m going to get a little more in depth¬† on some of the ones I recommend. First I gotta talk about a little number called Con-Cret Pump Extreme, this is one of my faves that I keep on deck in my supp cabinet. It has no flavor, so you can just chuck it in with the rest of your powder. The pump I get with this is INSANE, It starts really kicking in after a couple of sets, and you feel like your arms are going to burst from all the blood searing into your muscles. It’s an amazing feeling. Also if you’re trying to snag a good pump on a budget I got something for you, It’s called N.O. Fury by Six Star. These come in a pill form that you can pop a little before you go slay some dragons. I will admit they’re not AS good as Vasky or Con-Cret Pump, but man if you’re on a budget they do the job. I always keep these in my closet for when I either run out or just cant squeeze any more supps into my budget for the month. They also have it in powder form, if you just can’t get enough powder. Up next I’ve got some awesome post workout nutrition! You’ve taken care of your muscles for before your workout, now it’s time to give them some spa time.


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