Making A Good Tasting Homemade Pre Workout!

How To Make A Good Tasting Homemade Pre Workout!

Alright homies so I wanted to get this out of the way first. Everything starts with a good tasting Homemade Pre Workout. Just so you know that what your going to drink everyday wont taste like Wd-40. Above all I recommend snagging yourself a good tasting BCAA. This will make a good flavor base and give you something to start off with. However, I know some of you homies do not use BCAA powder. Or if you are, you might be finding yourself getting a little tired of the taste. If so I got the answer to your prayers, you can either: A.) Get a different flavor/brand of BCAA (Different brands will have different flavors) to act as a new base, pretty simple I know. Or B.) Go all mad scientist with all of the different types of low calorie flavorings /sweeteners that the world has to offer. Both options are equally good to make a tight good tasting homemade pre workout shake.


To start off with flavorings, I’d be damned not to mention this real quick. Zero calorie Kool-aid flavor drops (I know right?). You just squirt some of this stuff in your shaker, and you’re set. I found these one day and my life was changed, they’re great tasting, and really hit the spot if you’re jonseing for something sweet. Also the same type of product from Crystal Light really is something to keep in stock. They’re quick, easy, and have some really good flavor options. Another option you can role with here – my gym bro swears by this and I gotta admit its not the worst idea. All those zero calorie Power aids, Vitamin waters, and Gatorades they’re perfect to just pour into all that powder. One final option is to add more powder, why of course! Gatorade has this down pretty tight, they have traditional Gatorade powder, as well as an endurance powder which is targeted to more hardcore athletes. Propel also has some single serving packets, if you have to cut your arm off from scooping so much. Next I’ll hook you up with the ingredients you will need for your Homemade pre workout!


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