Homemade Pre Workout Ingredients

Homemade Pre Workout Ingredients        

Alright homies lets get down to it with the Homemade Pre Workout ingredients

So were going to start from the ground up here, and what exactly you need. A damn shaker cup. Believe it or not they do have some fancy shaker cups these days with ALL KINDS of gadgets. After you snag yourself one of those you’ll be ready for the mountains of anabolic radioactive muscle powder you’ll be consuming.  Below I have a list of essential and non essential supplements to throw into your Homemade Pre Workout, so lets kick it off.

Homemade pre workout ingredients.


5g Creatine Monohydrate – I personally like to throw my creatine inside my homemade pre workout shake so it’s one less thing I gotta take later. If you don’t know what creatine is, it pretty much utilizes the water in your body in co-ordinance with your muscles. So creatine helps your muscles grow. (I know that’s not the coolest answer, sue me) I personally use Optimum Nutrition with that CREAAAPURREEE. Optimum creatine has never failed me and it dissolves really well.

3-5g Beta-Alanine – You know that tingly sensation that happens when you take regular pre workouts? That’s this stuff. To not get into all the science and shit, pretty much Beta-Alanine makes it so your body takes longer to get fatigued. So basically you get to train harder, and faster for longer! It’s a win – win. This is one of my favorite things to throw into your shake because the tingles really make you want to lift. Once again I recommend some Optimum Nutrition, you can get it in fruit punch or unflavored – depending on what overall flavor your going with. If you haven’t checked out my flavor page you can do here.  

Non – Essential

1 scoop Bio-Gro – If you haven’t heard of Bio-Gro it’s quite off the chain. It’s referred to as “Fertilizer for your muscles” it pretty much accelerates “protein synthesis” which is the process of building and the re-building of muscle tissue. I saw and felt that I was getting fuller muscles after about a month of using it everyday. I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a little extra coal for the gain train.

BCAA– Once again I’m gonna preach BCAA’s. If you don’t use them for a flavor base, they’re still great to have as a supplement.  If you don’t get a lot of meat in your diet then BCAA’s are a must. BCAA’s come in during the recovery phase of muscle building and are an essential amino acid in the building blocks of protein. BASICALLY they help you recover, and helps prevent the loss of your hard earned gains. In terms of homemade pre workout ingredients, they’re good to keep in mind.

Nitric Oxide- Alright so on my other page I talked more in depth about N.O boosters, but i love them so much I’m going to preach them again. Pretty much what the Nitric oxide booster is going to do is give you the sickest pump of your life. You will be in the gym getting your lift on, and your veins will look like they are about to burst out of your god damn arm. Whenever I use a good N.O  booster I wish the red cross was outside having a blood drive because they would have no problem finding any of the 80 bulging veins leaping from my arm. AND THE PUMP – guys the pump is unreal. You’re arm looks like it has swollen 2x the size after a couple of sets, and it makes you just want to lift so much more. I could go on and on, but I seriously recommend snagging you some of these. I recommend Con-Cret Pump Extreme or some MTS VASKY, both are incredible supplements and are perfect for your homemade pre workout cocktail. All of these homemade pre workout ingredients are off the chain, and with a little creativity you can have yourself one hell of a homemade pre workout shake. If you’re getting a little hungry from all this powder talk, check out my favorite Pre Workout Snack!

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