Post Workout Drink

post workout drink

So we’ve talked all about what’s poppin’ with pre workout, and how to make your own homemade pre workout. So now were going to get into something a little extra – Post workout drink! Yes, so after your workout you’re going to need some post workout recovery nutrition. This is usually where I introduce whey into the mix (If I haven’t thrown any into the Pre).


For my post workout drink I usually just do two scoops of MTS Whey – (cookies and cream of course). I really enjoy MTS whey and highly recommend it. It’s personally my favorite whey protein on the market. The best part is you can drink it with water, and it tastes amazing, with milk it’s even better. If you want to dice up your post workout drink a little bit, I recommend going with some no fat whipped cream, and some peanut butter. You can never go wrong with some no fat whipped cream, trust me. Also if you haven’t tried any Walden Farms products, they’re off the chain. They have a great line of zero calorie dressings, syrups, and sweeteners. I drizzle some of the chocolate syrup on my post workout drinks all of the time. Once again these are really good if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Mass Gainer

Alright so if I’m a little short on calories for the day I usually throw some MTS Epic Gains into my post workout shake. This stuff is really great, and you bet your ass I’m rolling cookies and cream. This mass gainer is really good and really great tasting, just like the whey. The best part about the taste is that it never gets old, that is with cookies and cream – of course. The taste never ever gets bland so its really easy to guzzle down every day. Another mass gainer I recommend is the Arnold Iron Mass. This stuff was what I used when I first started out, it’s pretty decent and it gets the job done. It doesn’t taste as great as MTS Epic Gains, but it’s definitely great if you’re ballin’ on a budget, and need some extra gain fuel.

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